EBOD Tokenomics refers to the economic and financial aspects of the EBOD Token ecosystem. It encompasses the principles, structures, and dynamics that govern the distribution, circulation, and utilization of EBOD Tokens within the project.


Designed to create a symbiotic relationship between customers and merchants, EBOD tokens incentivize actions while providing tangible benefits.

Secure Ethereum Blockchain

The EBOD ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring secure, transparent, and immutable transactions. This technology guarantees the integrity of interactions.

Action-Based Rewards

Earn EBOD tokens for each action you take within the app, such as making purchases, leaving reviews, referring friends, and participating in various engagements.

Fair and Transparent Distribution

EBOD tokens are distributed through a balanced strategy that accounts for user engagement, merchant benefits, community involvement, and long-term sustainability.

Merchant-Driven Incentives

Merchants allocate EBOD tokens to create personalised loyalty programs, rewarding customers for desired actions. These incentives deepen brand-consumer relationships.

Customer Loyalty Incentives

Customers accumulate EBOD tokens for each purchase or action, motivating repeat engagement and fostering long-term loyalty to both the platform and participating merchants.

Long-Term Sustainability

The distribution plan is designed to ensure the enduring viability of the EBOD ecosystem, preventing concentration of ownership and potential market manipulation.

Freedom of Choice

No more points locked. By using our platform, merchants provide their customers freedom that significantly empowres loyalty of their relationship and brand image.

  • Network of merchants offering various benefits
  • Community of loyal customers
  • Crypto with useful meaning

Anyone may join,
everyone wins

All the participants of the platform are rewarded. Become one of them and help us build the new game changing way of shopping.


1st phase

Building up the community of merchants who need to implement loaylty program into their online business.


2nd phase

Boosting the knowledge about EBOD online & worldwide and interaction with customers of merchants who joined the network.


3th phase

Developement of new features of the system, building up the network of participants to Elevate value of token EBOD at crypto market.

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