For Customer

Digital transformation is a journey and we’ll be with you, helping you get there, one step at a time. Your consistent engagement keeps you at the heart of the EBOD ecosystem, where actions are rewarded and loyalty thrives.

Benefits & Balances

Customer benefits encompass the positive outcomes and experiences that individuals gain from their interactions with a business or its offerings. These benefits can take various forms, including cost savings, convenience, enhanced functionality, improved well-being, or heightened satisfaction. They are a key driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers seek to fulfill their needs and desires while deriving value from their engagement with a company.

Your Tokens, Your Way ...

With EBOD, you choose how to use your earned tokens - discounts or personal ownership.

Freedom of choice

By every order customer rcieves little reward in the form of token – EBOD and (s)he can decide wheter, how, when and where in the network of participating merchants will his/her tokens exchange for benefit provided by chosen merchant.

Flexible online lyoyality platform

EBOD might be integrated to any website that merchandise goods or services of various types, online & worldwide. Integration for online merchant is easy with reasonable and effective pricing plans. Merchants might easy create portfolio of benefits for their customers.

Crypto positive

As token EBOD is fully registered and listed at platforms to exchange crypto currencies all participants may exchange token for other currency. By doing so they can gain new revenue created as a result of & reward for their past shopping experience.

Freedom of Choice

No more points locked. By using our platform, merchants provide their customers freedom that significantly empowres loyalty of their relationship and brand image.

  • Network of merchants offering various benefits
  • Community of loyal customers
  • Crypto with useful meaning


Designed to create a symbiotic relationship between customers and merchants, EBOD tokens incentivize actions while providing tangible benefits.

Redeem Rewards

Accumulate your earned EBOD tokens and redeem them for discounts, exclusive content, or other incentives offered by participating merchants. Take advantage of the benefits that your tokens can provide.

Plan Your Purchases

Consider timing your purchases to align with special promotions or events when merchants may offer additional EBOD tokens as incentives.

Engage Actively

Participate in various activities within the app to earn EBOD tokens. This could include making purchases, leaving reviews, referring friends, participating in contests, and more.

Save for Bigger Rewards

Consider saving your EBOD tokens for larger rewards or premium content that might require more tokens but offer significant value.

Refer Friends

Take advantage of referral programs to invite friends to the app. You can earn extra EBOD tokens when your referrals engage with the platform.

Manage Your Tokens

Keep track of your EBOD token balance and expiration dates, if applicable, to make the most of your rewards.

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