Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about EBOD

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What is EBOD?

EBOD stands for Engage-Benefit-On-Demand. It's a token-based loyalty system that rewards customers for their engagement and actions on our platform.

How do I earn EBOD tokens?

You can earn EBOD tokens by taking various actions on our platform, such as making purchases, leaving reviews, referring friends, and participating in challenges.

What can I do with my earned EBOD tokens?

You can redeem your EBOD tokens for exclusive discounts, special offers, and rewards offered by merchants within the EBOD network. You can also choose to transfer your tokens to your private Ethereum wallet.

How do I join EBOD?

Joining EBOD is easy! Simply sign up on our platform, create an account, and start engaging with our participating merchants to earn tokens.

Are there any fees to join EBOD?

No, joining EBOD is completely free for both customers and merchants.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, we take your privacy and security seriously. We follow industry best practices to ensure the protection of your personal and financial information.

How often can I earn tokens?

You can earn tokens whenever you engage with participating merchants on our platform. The frequency of earning depends on your actions and the offers available.

How can merchants join the EBOD network?

Merchants interested in joining the EBOD network can contact us at to learn more about the benefits and integration process.

Can I earn EBOD tokens for past purchases or actions?

Unfortunately, EBOD tokens are earned for actions taken after you've joined the platform. Past purchases or actions may not be eligible for token rewards.

How do I track my token balance?

You can easily track your token balance by logging into your account and accessing your token dashboard, where your balance will be displayed.

How do I transfer tokens to my Ethereum wallet?

To transfer tokens to your Ethereum wallet, navigate to your account settings and follow the steps for transferring tokens. Please note that transfer options might be subject to certain conditions.

Online Ecosystem

building the opened community of merchants and shoppers,
exclusive benefits and bonus offers.

Flexible online lyoyality platform

Easy to integrate to your website, EBOD provides all the functionalities and more merchandising business needs, to run loyalty profram for your customer.

Money spent, reward gained

By every order customer recieves reward in the form of token EBOD and can exchange it in the EBOD network for benefits offered by participating merchants.

Crypto positive

As token EBOD is fully registered and listed at platforms to exchange crypto currencies, all participants may exchange tokens for other currency.

Revalue & revenue

Successful exchanges may lead to generating a new revenue that may be invested back to system via purchasing new values and enjoying shopping more.