your shopping experience

with our secure online loyalty program EBOD powered by crypto

Online Ecosystem

building the opened community of merchants and shoppers,
exclusive benefits and bonus offers.

Flexible online lyoyality platform

Easy to integrate to your website, EBOD provides all the functionalities and more merchandising business needs, to run loyalty profram for your customer.

Money spent, reward gained

By every order customer recieves reward in the form of token EBOD and can exchange it in the EBOD network for benefits offered by participating merchants.

Crypto positive

As token EBOD is fully registered and listed at platforms to exchange crypto currencies, all participants may exchange tokens for other currency.

Revalue & revenue

Successful exchanges may lead to generating a new revenue that may be invested back to system via purchasing new values and enjoying shopping more.

Our Mission

We are striving to make a world of online acquisition more loyal and trustful

Our mission is to provide an easy-to-use, no-code, end-to-end automation solution to revolutionize customer loyalty by transforming engagement into tangible rewards, fostering deeper connections between customers and businesses, and creating a thriving ecosystem, where value, engagement, and innovation converge.

Our platform is designed to be easy to use and simple to understand. Learn more about how EBOD works for customers and merchants.

Freedom of Choice

No more points locked. By using our platform, merchants provide their customers freedom that significantly empowres loyalty of their relationship and brand image.

  • Network of merchants offering various benefits
  • Community of loyal customers
  • Crypto with useful meaning

Anyone may join,
everyone wins

All the participants of the platform are rewarded. Become one of them and help us build the new game changing way of shopping.


1st phase

Building up the community of merchants who need to implement loaylty program into their online business.


2nd phase

Boosting the knowledge about EBOD online & worldwide and interaction with customers of merchants who joined the network.


3th phase

Developement of new features of the system, building up the network of participants to Elevate value of token EBOD at crypto market.